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  • Wütend Fußbälle 1.7: steigen

    Wütend Fußbälle 1.7: steigen


    2105 Bewertungen

    MEET ANGRY FOOTBALLS. This is funny parody to one famous game about birds with strange suicidal behaviour. In year 2050 only robots plays serious football championships. They kick footballs every day very hard and restless. So footballs get...

  • Angry Gran Toss

    Angry Gran Toss

    Ace Viral

    72932 Bewertungen

    Angry Gran has been imprisoned in the Angry Asylum and must free herself by launching over the wall and fly away with Cannons, Jet Packs and Guns. How far can you toss gran? Escape from the Asylum in this new Angry Gran game. Toss yourself free...

  • Angry Snakes Free

    Angry Snakes Free


    23 Bewertungen

    Funny shooter. Single-game and bluetooth multiplayer. Hit the enemy snake and frogs. Collect the useful items. Ver. 4.13

  • Angry Pins Angry Pins

    Angry Pins

    Leonardo Madeira

    0 Bewertungen

    A funny and challenging game The Angry Pins it's based in games where a metal sphere rolls on a board and in your way are a lot of obstacles and challenges. The main goal is to overthrow all the white pins (the bowling ones) but be careful not to...

  • Angry Santa Claus

    Angry Santa Claus

    Icon Games

    53 Bewertungen

    Everything was perfect at Santa's Workshop! But then, the elves went crazy and start to steal all the gifts! Help Santa recover everything and save Christmas!

  • Angry Mice

    Angry Mice


    30 Bewertungen

    Down on his luck, a mild mannered mice named Leroy McKenzie is a Karate instructor turned avenger. Due to the bad economy that we have at the present day, our mice from the Daily Dojo takes matters into his own hands. After losing his job and...

  • Angry fruit Angry fruit

    Angry fruit


    26 Bewertungen

    This software is a casual puzzle game birds of a similar anger. Finger movement to adjust a good artillery position, release the launch lovely fruit, the fruit into the keg, namely clearance. Remember to adjust the angle, it would be difficult to...

  • Angry Armies Angry Armies

    Angry Armies

    The Innocent Devils Ltd

    75 Bewertungen

    Angry Armies is a game where two teams are put together to fight! In order to win, your team must throw deadly weapons at the opposing team and destroy them before they destroy you. Each match is done over 3, 5 or 7 rounds whilst the clock ticks...

  • Gänse Jagd Spiel

    Gänse Jagd Spiel


    235 Bewertungen

    Action game for the whole family! Try to shoot as many geese as possible within two minutes. Try to be the best in your country/world. Rankings available in the main menu. ★ Features ★ ▷ Captivating Singleplayer mode ▷ Worldwide highscore ▷ Touch...

  • Wütend Landwirt

    Wütend Landwirt


    765 Bewertungen

    Crows, zombies and other undead creatures are attacking your home village, your farm, your fields! Find weapons and destroy the enemy, do not let to destroy your crops, your life, your cattle! I wish you good luck in this unequal battle! The demo...

  • Balls VS Blobs

    Balls VS Blobs

    Nealo Inc.

    63 Bewertungen

    ★ Physics based Ball-Shooter with Cute graphics and Unique gameplay ★ Defend your bubble from all the angry blobs, that's it! Or wait maybe not, there are also flying blobs and jumping blobs. It's your mission as a defender to protect the bubble fro...

  • Angry Fish 3D

    Angry Fish 3D

    Media Shovel

    911 Bewertungen

    Angry Fish 3D brings action packed physics fun to a new dimension. The cats have all but ruined the fish's vacation and they’re going to get revenge! Leave the sky to the birds and storm the beaches to battle on the front lines pushing the feline b...

  • Angry Jobs Angry Jobs

    Angry Jobs


    33 Bewertungen

    Angry Jobs is a simple game. Let's throw ninja stars by swiping to defend against an invasion of robots!! Yes, I'm angry!! ✓ You can choose the swipe direction depending on your dominant hand. SE & BGM by Onjin and PANICPUMPKIN. Android Robot is b...

  • Angry Nerds

    Angry Nerds


    3 Bewertungen

    ** Editors' Pick by AppEggs.com The Nerds are ANGRY! Help them battle back against the bullies in 3 different worlds. Hurl the Nerds at the Bullies using a slingshot. Battle Bullies in the Cafeteria, School Hallways, and the Playground. Can you...

  • Angry Busters Angry Busters

    Angry Busters


    2370 Bewertungen

    ************ Open Chapter 4!!! *********** Notice: In case of some version(earlier than ver 1.019, before 19th, March), there is possibility to be crushed, it is recommended to erase existing game and game data first to install new version....

  • Very Angry Robots

    Very Angry Robots

    Badly Drawn Games

    67 Bewertungen

    Taking its cue from those early 80s arcade classics, Very Angry Robots is a fast paced arena shooter with simple, one finger controls and the objective of getting your name to the top of the high score table. If you have what it takes to accept...

  • Angry Santa

    Angry Santa

    Carl Van

    93 Bewertungen

    Angry Santa is a simple but addictive game where your goal is to destroy as many gingerbread men as you can!!! Simply align Santa Claus in his sleigh with your target gingerbread men and let him fly. Christmas music plays while you destroy them!

  • Angry Avenger

    Angry Avenger


    56 Bewertungen

    Welcome to the world of Angry Avenger!!! An all new game with loads of entertainment, challenges and fun with the freshness of natural surroundings and an amazing gaming experience. Angry Avenger is fatty but an energetic frog who is trying very...

  • Angry Apes (Ad-Free)

    Angry Apes (Ad-Free)


    15 Bewertungen

    This is the official ad-free version of Angry Apes! Buy this version to play Angry Apes without ads. The greedy toucan birds have stolen the apes' bananas, and now the apes are on a mission to get them back! Join the fun, and help the angry apes...

  • Go! Angry UFO

    Go! Angry UFO

    Yodesoft LLC

    41 Bewertungen

    Drive your UFO and use weapons to save your princess in the mystery optical illusion world. Turning the road switch to guide your UFO, colliding into another UFO, you can steal diamonds and other valuables, or pass the bomb before it explodes....

  • Wütend Ants

    Wütend Ants

    ProwlSystems LLC

    1019 Bewertungen

    Would you go out of your way to smash an ant pile? Tired of getting ants on your shoes and risking getting bitten? Now it’s your turn. In minutes you have an operational set of tunnels. Let the ants do all of the work. Squish the ones that are s...

  • Angry Pharo Angry Pharo

    Angry Pharo

    i-sync corporation

    122 Bewertungen

    Get ready for this epic adventure! Angry Pharo is a blast to play. Step in and start shooting the balls with the ropes to score more, there will be surprises along the way , and special bonuses to earn . You can also try to complete the...

  • Happy Birds Jumping Happy Birds Jumping

    Happy Birds Jumping

    Nealo Inc.

    114 Bewertungen

    Jump jump jump! In this fabolous jumping game your one and only mission is to get the chicken as high as chickenly possible! That's it.. oh wait.. there are some things flying up there that you need to avoid, also avoid falling down at all costs....

  • Angry Churchill -- Crash Cars Angry Churchill -- Crash Cars

    Angry Churchill -- Crash Cars

    TDG software

    256 Bewertungen

    Hi, This is Churchill Heavy Tank Mk IV, and I am Angry because many cars exceed their limit speed, I will help the police car to stop them, accurately, Crash them... Game features: 1)"DAYMARE":Everything is bright for you to see clearly....

  • Moopa



    158 Bewertungen

    TILT your device to control, TAP to JUMP! Moopa is simple, yet entertaining arcade-style game for your Android device. It based on idea of old beautiful game BombJack with some changes. Moopa’s spaceship crashed on a dangerous planet and you must h...

  • Angry Bots HD

    Angry Bots HD

    Quantum Works

    455 Bewertungen

    AngryBots HD is a game that is rendered in HD for new devices and is based on the game AngryBots! It will run on the following resolutions 1280 x 800 , 1280 x 720 , 540 x 960 and 480 x 800. We have used Unity 3D in this project. Enjoy. There will...

  • Angry Flying Squirrel vs Birds

    Angry Flying Squirrel vs Birds


    49 Bewertungen

    The Birds have taken the Squirrels nuts and scattered them across the skies! Now a flying hero of a squirrel must travel through the dangerous bird filled skies and take them all back! Guide the Flying Squirrel through victory and keep him safe!

  • Angry Virus Angry Virus

    Angry Virus

    FANDORA9 Inc.

    118 Bewertungen

    The mini planet have an attack of a bactrerium. Pls keep planet's life by simple touch. This action will be big Helpful of somebody which need help as God's hands. Just now I want you to become God of this planet.

  • Angry BABA

    Angry BABA

    Pigment Games

    13945 Bewertungen

    Action game with exciting batting!! Dynamic and colorful 3D game graphic! Strike all the flying objects; meteorite, UFO, missile, space worm, and waste Enjoy Angry Baba, an ultimate 3D action smartphone game!! Game features 1. Simple Play!! ....

  • Mad Squirrel Rocknroll Mad Squirrel Rocknroll

    Mad Squirrel Rocknroll

    Moc Interactive

    222 Bewertungen

    Help Mad Squirrel to fight against The Beaver and his crew to save Squirrel Land and put some peace in there! Mad Squirrel Rock´n´Roll is a fun 2D scrolling game with awesome levels and gameplay. Use your hand-shake to escape from the forest e...

  • Wütend Balloons Wütend Balloons

    Wütend Balloons

    bit Time International FZE

    93 Bewertungen

    Use the unique power of your finger for blow up a ballon, but the ballons are naughty, please be careful. In this games you can share your score on Facebook and on the world ranking. Are you ready?

  • Angry Space Defender

    Angry Space Defender


    272 Bewertungen

    This Best of Breed game is based on the classic game play of Asteroids, Angry Space Defender brings in more enemies including new bosses every ten levels and upgrades a plenty. This new way of playing introduces awards for achieving goals, ability...

  • Wütend Sticks Wütend Sticks

    Wütend Sticks

    Androsito Games

    229 Bewertungen

    Enjoy playing Angry Sticks! Angry Stciks is a multiplayer strategy game turn-based, you can put your 5 sticks on the edges of the tiles and score the points. Its interesting the point system by which to measure the skill of each player over others...

  • Angry Boo Angry Boo

    Angry Boo

    Yubi Games

    316 Bewertungen

    Get ready for strategic arcade action in this sling-shot inspired platform bonanza! Download Angry Boo and start shooting from one web to the next through vividly themed game zones, angling Boo’s flight to catch as many coins as he can while a...

  • Angry Farmer Angry Farmer

    Angry Farmer

    Gaskarov Bros. Studio

    165 Bewertungen

    Frenzy arcade game about an angry farmer who really wants to eat some animals. You have to help the farmer to find similar animals and eat them. Important! This game trains your memory and good for you :)

  • Böse Maus Irrgarten Gedrängel Böse Maus Irrgarten Gedrängel

    Böse Maus Irrgarten Gedrängel

    Wutango Media LLC

    516 Bewertungen

    Do you like testing your mind with puzzle games and mazes? Do racing games get your blood pumping? How about combining the two to create one of the most addictive games on the planet? Another wild, crazy, and zany Android game production from Free...

  • Angry Face

    Angry Face


    686 Bewertungen

    Did you tired from fruit ninja or angry birds? Do you want to try some new game? This is special indie game with elements of teaser and arcade. Looking for bluetooth game in real-time? This game has a special mode for players "Who is faster" Good...

  • Angry Wife Free Angry Wife Free

    Angry Wife Free


    143 Bewertungen

    Can you battle the Angry Wife as she is hurling valuable objects at furniture at you? Try and calm her down by avoiding the dangerous heavy items and collecting the valuables, get to the top of the building in time and with enough objects and she...

  • Angry Zombies Killers

    Angry Zombies Killers

    Loginov Pavel

    3511 Bewertungen

    Rising star platformer - now here and it's free! You enjoy destroying hordes of zombies, solve cunning puzzles, trying to find a way in the most challenging situations! --- Features --- * 2d Action-platformer on 3D technology * At least 4 hours of...

  • Angry Fruits Attack

    Angry Fruits Attack

    Supreme Droids

    146 Bewertungen

    Seeing the popular demand and request, we have made this app completely free. Now, there will be no advertisement in this game ever. Angry fruits invades the world! Destroy all the fruits for the peace of the world. Fruits are attacking your...

  • Whack the Angry Soldier WW2

    Whack the Angry Soldier WW2

    Zdzichu Rychu

    423 Bewertungen

    I love the simplicity of the game Whack-a-Mole and the atmosphere of World War II. The game "Whack the Angry Soldier WW2" is a fantastic combination of both these traits. Smartphone with touch screen is the perfect console for this type of games...

  • Angry Bees Free Angry Bees Free

    Angry Bees Free

    Gato Pinco

    707 Bewertungen

    Help Pete the Spider, build his webs to catch the bees in, so that he may go get all the honey he is hungry for... But remember: if any bee touches him or his web tread, that will decrease his energy, and Pete will be kicked off the garden!!!...

  • Angry Hornets Light

    Angry Hornets Light


    196 Bewertungen

    Angry Hornets is a simple and fun game in which a bee nice to pop the balloons without being captured by a swarm of angry hornets. The game includes scenarios and different levels of difficulty. Moreover, each level contains the random factors...

  • Angry Faces Angry Faces

    Angry Faces

    gSquare Systems

    73 Bewertungen

    Test and challenge your reactions with Angry Faces! Slide along to test your hand and eye coordination. Game Play: ========== Use your finger to drag the white happy face to avoid the Angry Faces! But be quick as your reflexes will be put to...

  • Angry Balloons World Angry Balloons World

    Angry Balloons World

    bit Time International FZE

    70 Bewertungen

    Use the power of your finger to beat the perfidious clown and his angry balloons. He wants to steal the World heritage monuments so follow him across the world and bring him to justice! Become a new hero for future generations. A perfect fun game...

  • Angry Keeper

    Angry Keeper


    8039 Bewertungen

    Danger has come to a peaceful pig farm. One day, the birds suddenly started to attack the pigs, and the pigs couldn’t do anything about it. You must take up your rubbergun to protect these poor pigs. Aim with one hand and shoot with the other. If y...

  • Angry Balls

    Angry Balls


    153 Bewertungen

    Roll your smiley on the grass, away from the colorful balls dropping from the sky. Control your smiley with reallistic physics, and be careful - some balls fall faster than others! Every second counts, initially easy but the challange grows as...

  • ☆ Angry Hero Tank ☆

    ☆ Angry Hero Tank ☆

    GoldenGod Games

    3200 Bewertungen

    ☆☆☆The best free tank shooting game app of Google Play☆☆☆ The world is at war! Join the army and feel the fury and anger of violent battles! It's time to kick some bad guys ass! Destroy and smasher your enemy through different and adventurous...

  • Angry Ramos

    Angry Ramos


    1631 Bewertungen

    Ramos is about to shoot the last penalty, the tension is in the air, the referee blows the whistle and... look at it go! Everyone thinks Ramos' shoot has gone the wrong... but they are so wrong! Ramos has a secret masterplan to win the Champions:...

  • Ludo - Don't get angry! FREE

    Ludo - Don't get angry! FREE


    7835 Bewertungen

    Are you looking for a great beer and pretzels game for your mobile device? Would you like to play against your friends even if you don't have a board game available? Or would you like to try your luck against a computer opponent if no one else is...

  • Angry Viking

    Angry Viking


    226 Bewertungen

    Best on High end phones. Now with OpenFeint !! ★ Angry Viking ★ is an intense close combat experience. Slaughter your way through hordes of enemies and reach Valhalla like a true warrior! In a unique graphical style - blood has never been so bea...

  • Angry Bubble Shooter

    Angry Bubble Shooter

    FAKTRON Corp.

    637 Bewertungen

    The most resplendent and amusing Bejeweled game of 2013!!! Angry Bubble Shooter! Gorgeous graphics with splendid animation effects!!! Exciting brain testing puzzle game with beautiful scenes!!! Super realistic particle effects in 3D physics-based...

  • Angry Frogs - ADSFREE Angry Frogs - ADSFREE

    Angry Frogs - ADSFREE

    Emanuele Padula

    102 Bewertungen

    *** More than 10000 levels *** Help frogs to destroy evil snakes!! Need the SDCARD! Use your finger to load the slingshots and destroy all the snakes using frogs different powers. Main characteristics: 1) 13 frogs powers (7 unique and 6 frogs...

  • Angry Apes

    Angry Apes


    1561 Bewertungen

    **This game requires Adobe Air (which is automatically downloaded, and makes this download smaller) and a fast CPU and GPU. The greedy toucan birds have stolen the apes' bananas, and now the apes are on a mission to get them back! Join the fun,...

  • Angry Ninja

    Angry Ninja


    12387 Bewertungen

    The evil force is coming; all the students in Ninja School are kidnapped by the dark Samurai L, the Ninja master is getting angry. Holding Ninja darts tightly, he is going to fight against dark Samurai, and rescue all the students.

  • Angry Frogs NoAds FULL Angry Frogs NoAds FULL

    Angry Frogs NoAds FULL

    Emanuele Padula

    2765 Bewertungen

    *** More than 10000 levels *** Help frogs to destroy evil snakes!! Need the SDCARD! - #2 Milions Downloads with the FREE version with ADS - WITHOUT ADS - 4400 built-in levels - LEVEL EDITOR - Ingame update: to have always the latest levels...



    Anjin Games

    3641 Bewertungen

    Deadbotz is the ultimate free 3d shooter game: Dive into the world of John McClure and fight your way through waves of robot forces to get to the end of the level and take control of the teleport vortex. featuring console quality graphics and open...

  • Aworded Crack (ohne Werbung) Aworded Crack (ohne Werbung)

    Aworded Crack (ohne Werbung)


    12641 Bewertungen

    APP STORE'S BEST GAME OF 2012 APP STORE'S BEST NEW GAME OF 2012 APP STORE'S IPHONE APP OF THE WEEK Chosen Apple Store's Best Game of 2012, Aworded is an addictive word game that has already exceeded 20 million downloads. Challenge your friends...

  • Word Games with Angry Gran Word Games with Angry Gran

    Word Games with Angry Gran

    Ace Viral

    14513 Bewertungen

    Word Games with Angry Gran! Guess whats the word with Angry Gran, Your Favourite Granny is back in a mega puzzle word Game! Guess the word Angry Gran! see 4 pics Find the 1 word ? Whats the word ? or could you tell us Whats the Pic ? Gran needs...

  • Anger of Stick 2

    Anger of Stick 2


    223302 Bewertungen

    Unknown enemies emerge in the city! Our Stick hero continues to fight them off with a wide array of deadly weapons as well as helicopters and robots, who can devastate all enemies at once! Experience the game's 3 different modes: - Jump Jump:...

  • Angry Piggy Deluxe

    Angry Piggy Deluxe

    MPC Games

    5314 Bewertungen

    Enter this colorful adventure now with three cute animals! Remember the green pigs and the stupid birds in Angry Birds? This time, you'll meet cooler, cuter and smarter Piggy and Bird---Steezy and Haden! But they don't shoot and defend, instead,...

  • Angry World War 2 FREE

    Angry World War 2 FREE

    Evil Indie Games

    8377 Bewertungen

    Have you ever dreamed about Angry Birds in World War II time? No??? Really??? Don't be shy! We are going to war with grenades, tanks and bombers! Creators of Cars And Guns 3D have come back to present a fast action game with fabulous ragdolls,...

  • Angry Chicken: Egg Madness!

    Angry Chicken: Egg Madness!

    Black Sheep Games

    6774 Bewertungen

    ★ Now with ONLINE leaderboards and Achievements! ★ ★ Integrated with Immersion tactile effects ★ Angry Chicken: Egg Madness is now MOGA Enhanced! Available at major retailers, carrier stores and online at http://www.MOGAanywhere.com Start the war...

  • Angry Monkey Angry Monkey

    Angry Monkey

    The Game Boss

    53026 Bewertungen

    Over 3 MILLION ANGRY MONKEY LOVERS OF THIS EPIC GAME!!!! STORY: You were hungry and you took a banana. The banana turns out to be a monkey's possession and now he is ANGRY! You can also use super powers for banana. There are 5 different powers....

  • Angry Frogs Angry Frogs

    Angry Frogs

    Emanuele Padula

    11284 Bewertungen

    *** More than 10000 levels *** Help frogs to destroy evil snakes!! Need the SDCARD! Help the frogs to destroy the evil snakes. Use your finger to load the slingshots and destroy all the snakes using frogs different powers. Main characteristics:...

  • Wütend Gran Gut Frei Spiel

    Wütend Gran Gut Frei Spiel

    Ace Viral

    155703 Bewertungen

    Angry Gran Best free Game has a Very Angry Granny who is know as the angry Gran Around the corner who like to bust up some riff raff!

  • Angry Piggy

    Angry Piggy

    MPC Games

    57553 Bewertungen

    Enter this colorful adventure now with three cute animals! Remember the green pigs and the stupid birds in Angry Birds? This time, you'll meet cooler, cuter and smarter Piggy and Bird---Steezy and Haden! But they don't shoot and defend, instead,...

  • Angry Piggy Seasons

    Angry Piggy Seasons

    MPC Games

    14449 Bewertungen

    Angry Piggy Seasons: Christmas! It’s all new and all awesome! If you have played Angry Piggy (Adventure), this time, you’ll meet even more difficult puzzles. Challenge you mind and solve the puzzles with your high IQ and superb skills! Before you...

  • Angry Gran RadioActive Run

    Angry Gran RadioActive Run

    Ace Viral

    75301 Bewertungen

    Will Angry Gran get out of the radioactive city alive? You’ve escaped the asylum in Angry Gran Run and driven the doctors way past the brink of insanity themselves. They've stepped it up a notch and have gone nuclear! Now it’s time to escape the rad...

  • Angry Gran 2

    Angry Gran 2

    Ace Viral

    76899 Bewertungen

    Angry Gran 2 Angry Gran goes Global on this whirlwind Global Assault. Do you want to go on a round the world tour and not have to spend a penny? Why not dress up as a penguin, hit people and steal their money by clobbering them with a novelty...

  • Aworded Crack in Deutsch Aworded Crack in Deutsch

    Aworded Crack in Deutsch


    334015 Bewertungen

    APP STORE'S BEST GAME OF 2012 APP STORE'S BEST NEW GAME OF 2012 APP STORE'S IPHONE APP OF THE WEEK Chosen Apple Store's Best Game of 2012, Aworded is an addictive word game that has already exceeded 20 million downloads. Challenge your friends...

  • Angry Gran Run - Running Game Angry Gran Run - Running Game

    Angry Gran Run - Running Game

    Ace Viral

    898081 Bewertungen

    Take to the streets with ANGRY GRAN RUN! Our Granny has been locked away in the Angry Asylum by Fred the agent in white, she's plotting her escape, and she needs YOU to guide her through the streets once she's busted out! Run, jump, dash and...

  • Angry Birds Space Premium

    Angry Birds Space Premium

    Rovio Entertainment Ltd.

    20849 Bewertungen

    The #1 mobile game of all time blasts off into space! Play over 300 interstellar levels across 10 planets – including our very own Solar System! Whether it’s the icy orbs of Cold Cuts, the volcanic explosiveness of Red Planet, Utopia – a plane...

  • Angry Birds Seasons

    Angry Birds Seasons

    Rovio Entertainment Ltd.

    1627212 Bewertungen

    Join the Angry Birds as they celebrate unique seasonal events from around the world! Enjoy the addictive physics-based Angry Birds gameplay you love, but with an exciting seasonal twist. For the latest update, a lone slingshot rises to answer the...

  • Angry Birds Star Wars

    Angry Birds Star Wars

    Rovio Entertainment Ltd.

    1151845 Bewertungen

    JOIN THE ANGRY BIRDS IN THEIR BIGGEST ADVENTURE YET! A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... a group of desperate rebel birds faced off against a galactic menace: the Empire’s evil Pigtroopers! Rebel birds, striking from a hidden base, have w...

  • Angry Birds Rio

    Angry Birds Rio

    Rovio Entertainment Ltd.

    2312547 Bewertungen

    FREE FULL GAME – DOWNLOAD NOW! What happens when everyone's favorite fierce fowl get caged and shipped to Rio? They get very angry! OFF TO RIO! The original Angry Birds have been kidnapped and taken to the magical city of Rio de Janeiro! They’ve man...

  • Angry Birds Space

    Angry Birds Space

    Rovio Entertainment Ltd.

    1218635 Bewertungen

    The #1 mobile game of all time blasts off into space! Play over 300 interstellar levels across 10 planets – including our very own Solar System! Whether it’s the icy orbs of Cold Cuts, the volcanic explosiveness of Red Planet, Utopia – a plane...

  • Angry Birds

    Angry Birds

    Rovio Entertainment Ltd.

    5087734 Bewertungen

    Use the unique powers of the Angry Birds to destroy the greedy pigs' defenses!

 The survival of the Angry Birds is at stake. Dish out revenge on the greedy pigs who stole their eggs. Use the unique powers of each bird to destroy the pigs’ defen...