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  • Savage Era

    Savage Era


    667 Bewertungen

    Savage Era is an unique and creative text based RPG survival game. Game Introduction: You are in the middle of nowhere, you have nothing to start, you need to gather your resources, build your camp ,cook food to feed yourself, and of course fight...

  • Nonogramme Katana Nonogramme Katana

    Nonogramme Katana


    77370 Bewertungen

    Nonograms Katana: Sharpen your mind! Nonograms, also known as Hanjie, Griddlers, Picross, Japanese Crosswords, Japanese Puzzles, Pic-a-Pix, "Paint by numbers" and other names, are picture logic puzzles in which cells in a grid must be colored or...

  • Hortensia Saga 蒼之騎士團

    Hortensia Saga 蒼之騎士團


    40459 Bewertungen

    ◆◆第二部「承襲宿命之人」故事開幕◆◆ ◆◇SEGA所呈獻 戰紀RPG大作◇◆ 「Hortensia Saga 蒼之騎士團」 在命運的大漩渦之中,將故事託付給你 壯闊的劇情。每個人不同的故事所編織而成的歷史。 充滿臨場感的陣型戰鬥 ◆◇遊戲特色◇◆ ■ 從不同的角度描繪的故事劇情 ・本傳…敘說年紀輕輕成為領主的「你」的主線故事 ・騎士列傳…於旅途中相遇的夥伴們每個人不同的...

  • 妖怪百姬 妖怪百姬


    Cayenne's Ark

    42715 Bewertungen

    ◆遊戲特色 ♪日本各地傳說妖怪 化身超萌美少女♪ 《妖怪百姬》是日本角川遊戲繼《艦隊收藏》後的美少女系列新作 將全國47個都道府縣的在地妖怪,幻化成萌萌美少女! 日本繪師群打造超過500位以上個性妖怪, 千變萬化的羈絆組合,隨心所欲打造專屬最強陣容,快和她們來場心跳加速的冒險之旅吧! ♪獨創「妖怪憑依戰鬥」 小妖姬變身大魔女♪ 打破傳統戰鬥方式,獨創六宮格妖怪憑依戰鬥 戰鬥中使用「憑依」傳輸增強妖力!將妖怪彼此附身合二為一,展現更強的戰鬥Power 簡...

  • Puzzle Craft 2

    Puzzle Craft 2


    31201 Bewertungen

    Shore up and build your empire on a legendary, magical new land in Puzzle Craft 2. Farm crops, excavate mines, scour the seas and transform emerging settlements into bustling towns for your workers. With an entire empire at your fingertips, there’s a...

  • Godus


    DeNA Corp.

    508950 Bewertungen

    YOU are about to PLAY GOD. Rule over a living, breathing world. It is as SIMPLE to play with as it is AWE-INSPIRING to behold. Feel truly powerful in the most delightful, charming and tactile world you have ever held in your hands. · Use your touch ...

  • Happy Chicken Town

    Happy Chicken Town


    18831 Bewertungen

    Cooking fried chicken and drinks at the store Happy Chicken Town is a new concept SNG (Social Network Game) Enjoy it with worldwide users [Game Features] ⊙ "Happy Chicken Town" This game manages both farm and store You can grow chickens and crops a...

  • Lost Journey Lost Journey

    Lost Journey


    10388 Bewertungen

    "Lost Journey" is a puzzle game of space exploration, we have received: "2015 IndiePlay Best Mobile Game" nomination "2014 Imagine Cup" award in China "2014's most anticipated ID @ Xbox game" On a Journey… Lost, but not without Hope An angel of h...



    FLERO Games Co., LTD

    19814 Bewertungen

    ✔ Take a break from the busy city life! Run off to the world of peaceful farming and enjoy the friendly delights - Manage and grow crops from your fields as ingredients for mills & factories! - Manage your own shops and produce all different kind o...

  • 召喚圖板-燃燒你的挑戰 召喚圖板-燃燒你的挑戰



    13910 Bewertungen

    【召喚圖板】由日本轉珠遊戲創始團隊-GungHo全新力作, 在日本已超過400萬的下載!! 超質感又豐富的正統戰棋玩法!! 如果你再找一款能思考的新玩法遊戲, 在此邀請您一同化身召喚師,一起在【召喚圖板】的棋盤世界中, 配置你的棋寵來一場屬於您的思考戰鬥吧! ▼△▼△▼△▼△▼△▼△▼△▼△▼△▼△▼△▼△▼△ ==遊戲特色== 【正統棋盤戰鬥玩法,每回思考的都決定你的戰鬥技巧!】 【源自日本超細致...

  • 3D Kendama 3D Kendama

    3D Kendama


    1768 Bewertungen

    This is a game app that allows you to play the traditional cup-and-ball game. You can enjoy playing this genuine cup-and-ball game that reappears through 3D and direction sensors. 【Operation procedures】 - If you hold the device horizontally and pul...

  • The Room Three

    The Room Three

    Fireproof Games

    60770 Bewertungen

    “A triumph. We fully recommend immersing yourself in this atmospheric mystery” - “Much bigger and longer than the previous titles, more of a full-blown adventure game” - Touch Arcade “A brilliant, uniquely tactile experience packed wi...



    Noodlecake Studios Inc

    4262 Bewertungen

    === NOTE: if you receive an error on update, you will have to uninstall the game :( == ~~~ Winner of over 25 Awards ~~~ FRAMED is a multi-award winning noir-puzzle game where you re-arrange panels of animated comic book to change the outcome of...

  • Lifeline: Stille Nacht Lifeline: Stille Nacht

    Lifeline: Stille Nacht

    3 Minute Games

    7806 Bewertungen

    Taylor is back in a suspenseful, new, real-time adventure for Android and Android Wear – Lifeline: Silent Night! Your choices shape the story as you play, and could mean life or death for one intrepid space explorer. The hearts and imaginations of c...

  • Lifeline 2 Lifeline 2

    Lifeline 2

    3 Minute Games

    5449 Bewertungen

    The Lifeline series continues to capture the imaginations of countless players worldwide with compelling real-time storytelling. Lifeline 2 raises the bar with a new suspenseful story from Dave Justus almost twice as long as the original, with...

  • Lifeline Lifeline


    3 Minute Games

    71024 Bewertungen

    Lifeline is a playable, branching story of survival against all odds. You will help Taylor make life or death decisions, and face the consequences together. Acclaimed writer Dave Justus (Fables: The Wolf Among Us) weaves a gripping interactive...

  • BuriedTown BuriedTown



    63676 Bewertungen

    A modern game featuring survival on an isolated island. Easy to understand graphics and texts and immersive music provide a smooth gaming experience that will bring out all of your internal anxieties. Challenge the most terrifying nightmares and...

  • Bridge Constructor Mittelalter Bridge Constructor Mittelalter

    Bridge Constructor Mittelalter

    Headup Games

    6678 Bewertungen

    Dive into the Middle Ages and play the successor to the worldwide #1 hit, Bridge Constructor. Bridge Constructor Medieval turns back the clock a few centuries to the time of knights and castles. Build sturdy bridges to supply your city with...

  • Zen Koi Zen Koi

    Zen Koi

    LandShark Games

    183084 Bewertungen

    **************************************************** Zen Koi has been featured on Play Store: - New + Updated Games - SG50 Games **************************************************** Grow, breed, and collect colourful Koi on the way to peaceful...

  • 俺と鬼嫁の100日戦記 俺と鬼嫁の100日戦記


    株式会社 WHRP

    4399 Bewertungen

    ◆60日目まで配信!◆ ◆続編アップデートを制作中!!◆ ■ストーリー 結婚前、素直で明るく顔も可愛い彼女が…豹変!? 鬼嫁と化した彼女を気づかい、幸せな夫婦生活を手に入れる! …それがおれの望みだ。 おれは彼女に全てを捧げるって決めた。 彼女との幸せな夫婦生活を手に入れるために! まぁ…手始めに愛してるって伝えてみるかな。 ‐10...

  • Maya Tower

    Maya Tower


    87 Bewertungen

    Maya Tower (also known as Towers of Hanoi) is puzzle solving game. You should move the disks to relocate the tower and solve a riddle. There are only two rules: - You can move top most discs; - You can't put larger disc on smaller disc. We hope...

  • 昭和盛夏祭典故事 ~那一天無法忘記的煙火~

    昭和盛夏祭典故事 ~那一天無法忘記的煙火~

    GAGEX Co.,Ltd.

    2736 Bewertungen

    時間是昭和的年代、在某個鄉下的小村鎮裡、一個令人懷念的夏日祭典。 這是一個讓祭典變的更加熱鬧、讓冷清寂寞的會場變的吵雜有趣、溫暖內心的放置型遊戲。 入夜之後從祭典會場裡傳來的陣陣音樂聲、形形色色的攤位、以及從神社裡仰望的煙火・・・送給您一個那令人懷念的、那一個夏天。 在遊戲的進行之間、那一些令人懷念的「夏天的回憶物品」會逐漸的被登錄到圖鑑中。 真是懷念! 從令人不由自主會想要微微一笑的物品、 一直到會回想起童年往事的種種道具、往...

  • 令人感動的養成遊戲 昭和雜貨店物語

    令人感動的養成遊戲 昭和雜貨店物語

    GAGEX Co.,Ltd.

    16315 Bewertungen

    一個能夠回味兒時的感覺,讓人不禁眼角濕潤的養成遊戲。 一款藉由經營小小的雜貨店來讓小朋友們聚集,不斷的讓小店成長的故事型態放置類型手遊。 不斷的讓雜貨店成長,將那些令人懷念的糖果以及玩具都登錄到圖鑑上吧! 「謎之酸酸甜甜的養樂多」「可樂口味的軟糖」「玩具警察手冊」等等、 以前玩過這個!的感覺不斷讓人不禁微微一笑,懷念感滿分的道具満載! 隨著遊戲的進行,故事也一點一點的向前推進。 令人為之感動的故事劇情...

  • 關東煮店人情故事 ~今晚 奇蹟將在小店發生~

    關東煮店人情故事 ~今晚 奇蹟將在小店發生~

    GAGEX Co.,Ltd.

    10232 Bewertungen

    以一個小小的關東煮小店做為舞台而展開來的、一個奇妙又有些令人感動的故事。 讓自己成為一個關東煮小店的頑固老爹進而經營這間關東煮小店的、故事推進式的休閒放置型遊戲。 每一晚每一夜前來光顧小店的客人們、都是一些個性十足又或者是個奇怪的人。 不斷的傾聽每一位因為每日的工作或者是生活而疲憊的客人們的“抱怨“內容、讓客人們都能夠滿足開心的回家去吧。 伴隨著遊戲的進行、故事也將不斷的向前推進。 從客人們無心的一句話開始不斷的編織而出的故事、充滿了人情是故的多主角短篇式劇情的展開的是…然後、...

  • Forest Home Forest Home

    Forest Home

    The Binary Mill

    13862 Bewertungen

    Draw colorful paths that grow right beneath your finger to lead the forest critters to safety. Avoid obstacles, navigate bridges, and collect food in this cute but challenging puzzle game. Just watch out for the mischievous goblin! But...

  • 2 Turns - Button Puzzle 2 Turns - Button Puzzle

    2 Turns - Button Puzzle

    Balloon Island

    4185 Bewertungen

    2 Turns is a simple yet challenging puzzle game with fascinating graphics! Connect two matching buttons with dotted lines maximum of two turns and that is as simple as that. You will need some strategies for the later levels in order to finish the...

  • Sokoban United

    Sokoban United

    KeyGames Network B.V.

    261 Bewertungen

    Sokoban United is a 3D Sokoban puzzle game in which you need to push 3D boxes to pass each level. You can only push the box and not pull the box. So think ahead of every move you make. Each Sokoban puzzle is solved when all boxes are at the...

  • Township Township


    Playrix Games

    2655280 Bewertungen

    Township is a unique blend of city-building and farming! Build your dream town! Harvest crops at the farms, process them at your facilities, and sell goods to develop your town. Trade with exotic countries. Open restaurants, cinemas and other...

  • Alphabear Alphabear


    Spry Fox LLC

    122213 Bewertungen

    Alphabear is an original word puzzle game by Spry Fox, the developer of the award winning game Triple Town. In Alphabear, you spell words by selecting letters on a grid. When you use letters that are adjacent to each other, bears appear! The more...

  • 乖離性百萬亞瑟王 乖離性百萬亞瑟王


    Mobimon Inc.

    9828 Bewertungen

    ■□■V4.3.1改版躍進‧輔助能力再強化■□■ 1、 忠誠度與輔助能力實裝,帶給你大量戰力! 2、 敵人行動表示,讓你見招拆招。 3、 戰鬥速度兩倍進,讓你效率兩倍化! 4、 新增主線第十章,繼續你的冒險之旅! 5、 更多改版內容及活動詳見遊戲內公告。 ■□■新手集結.爽快冒險■□■ 1、新創帳號即可享有「初心者」專屬優惠! 2、免費領取105水晶及自選UR券一張! 2、好友招待免費領取50水晶! 3、新手轉蛋10連抽必中兩張UR! 4、新手獎勵再加碼!...

  • 奈奈未的日語教室 奈奈未的日語教室



    296 Bewertungen

    幫您喚起記憶深處,日語單字不再忘! [遊戲特徵] ▶RPG要素 導入簡單的RPG要素 讓學習日語的過程,不再無味 ▶緊張刺激 透過四選一的答題機制,方便又簡單的學習日文 ▶貼心提示 有別於普通的學習APP 初次出現的題目,會給予提示,輕鬆學習無障礙 ▶智能出題 會依據玩家學習狀態,給予適當的題目 讓玩家從初級到高級,成長超順利 ▶豐富內容 累積超過1000個關卡、10000個詞彙、30000題題目 為目前內容最豐富的日語學習App ▶針對日語學習者的設計 直接針對日語學...

  • Jurassic Park™ Builder

    Jurassic Park™ Builder

    Ludia Inc.

    787254 Bewertungen

    *** Welcome to YOUR Jurassic Park!***  Based on the ground breaking film franchise “Jurassic Park,” experience your own thrilling interactive journey on the mysterious Isla Nublar!  Build your Jurassic Park from A to Z, on land and out at sea! You a...

  • Jurassic World™: Das Spiel Jurassic World™: Das Spiel

    Jurassic World™: Das Spiel

    Ludia Inc.

    745373 Bewertungen

    Return to Isla Nublar with the creators of the smash hit Jurassic Park™ Builder for your next adventure: Jurassic World™: The Game, the official mobile game based on this summer’s epic action-adventure. Bring to life more than 148 colossal dinosaurs ...

  • Hitman Sniper

    Hitman Sniper


    67834 Bewertungen

    *** 80% OFF for a limited time! *** 5/5 - "Now that it’s here, I can’t stop playing it, which is remarkable for a title that is much more concerned with showcasing how much you can do within certain constraints instead of reveling in any kind of exc...

  • 紀念碑谷 紀念碑谷


    iDreamsky Hong Kong

    28553 Bewertungen

    不可能的神奇世界與救贖的奇妙冒險 夯翻全球的3D立體益智建築迷宮遊戲《紀念碑谷》現在可以免費下載...

  • Terra Battle Terra Battle

    Terra Battle


    63390 Bewertungen

    An encounter that will tear away the veil shrouding the world's secrets and set the gears of fate in motion... *Maneuver your characters freely to outflank your enemies. Move units freely around a grid-based map to flank the enemy, striking...

  • High Sea Saga

    High Sea Saga

    Kairosoft Co.,Ltd

    12137 Bewertungen

    Well, shiver me timbers! This app's now completely free! Riches of legend inhumed in secret sites across the world, savage monsters to thwart each turn of your trek, rival players looking to scuttle your ship--such maritime mayhem and more await...

  • Best Fiends Puzzle-­Abenteuer Best Fiends Puzzle-­Abenteuer

    Best Fiends Puzzle-­Abenteuer

    Seriously Digital Entertainment Ltd.

    1075449 Bewertungen

    Over 50,000,000 people are playing! Get the top rated match 3 puzzle adventure game FREE! Enter the world of Minutia and collect cute characters - Level up your team to defeat the Slugs - and play more than 700 levels for hours of fiendish match 3...

  • Pocket Academy

    Pocket Academy

    Kairosoft Co.,Ltd

    3315 Bewertungen

    School got you down? Wish you could change a few things? Well, now's your chance to create the ultimate dream school in this simulation smash-hit! Tailor your personal academy as you see fit, erecting classrooms, making clubs--even deciding this...

  • Bonbon Cakery Bonbon Cakery

    Bonbon Cakery

    Kairosoft Co.,Ltd

    15099 Bewertungen

    Have your cake and eat it too in this latest and greatest of cakery simulators, fresh from the Kairosoft oven! Improve your prowess as a pâtissier by pioneering a bountiful catalogue of high-ranking recipes. For example, combine a sponge cake with...

  • Escape Alice House Escape Alice House

    Escape Alice House


    18361 Bewertungen

    Let's find 5 Alice characters! The popular FUNKYLAND game of escaping rooms themed like "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" by finding characters is now available as an App! Solve the mysteries in the room to escape. It is a bit more difficult than...

  • Hitman GO

    Hitman GO


    75292 Bewertungen

    *** 80% off for a limited time! *** 5/5 Slide to Play: "…this is one to check out." 4/5 Joystiq: "Hitman GO is an impressive debut for Square Enix Montreal.” 4/5 Pocket Gamer - SILVER AWARD: "Hitman GO is a clever and refreshingly original puz...

  • RGB Express RGB Express

    RGB Express

    Bad Crane

    117381 Bewertungen

    RGB Express is a unique and beautiful puzzle game. Simple to play, yet super addictive! ** Pocket Gamer GOLD AWARD winner! ** Already 7 million players! Thank you all! You are running RGB Express, the one and only company specialized in...

  • City 2048 City 2048

    City 2048


    73367 Bewertungen

    City 2048 is an exciting, addictive and easy to play puzzle game. It is a unique version of the 2048 Number Game. Swipe to move the tiles with the blocks to build a huge metropolis! Develop your city. Get bonuses, and who knows what might be ahead...

  • Bio Inc. - Biomedical Game Bio Inc. - Biomedical Game

    Bio Inc. - Biomedical Game

    DryGin Studios

    366661 Bewertungen

    Bio Inc is a biomedical strategy simulator in which you determine the ultimate fate of a victim by developing the most lethal illness possible. Create your own plague by upgrading diseases, boosting risk factors and slowing down your victim’s r...

  • Plague Inc. Plague Inc.

    Plague Inc.

    2521451 Bewertungen

    Can you infect the world? Plague Inc. is a unique mix of high strategy and terrifyingly realistic simulation. Your pathogen has just infected 'Patient Zero'. Now you must bring about the end of human history by evolving a deadly, global Plague...

  • Pocket Stables Pocket Stables

    Pocket Stables

    Kairosoft Co.,Ltd

    2641 Bewertungen

    Manage your very own ranch while training your racehorses to win big in exciting races! Build training facilities like dirt courses and pools amidst the beautiful natural surroundings of your ranch. Increase your ranch's fame and entice visitors...

  • Tiny Tower Vegas Tiny Tower Vegas

    Tiny Tower Vegas

    NimbleBit LLC

    80688 Bewertungen

    Tiny Tower is back, and this time we're going to Vegas, baby! - Build and manage your own hotel & casino filled with shopping, dining & entertainment floors! - Amass a fortune of bux by betting chips in a multitude of casino games! - Earn chips...

  • Magazine Mogul Magazine Mogul

    Magazine Mogul

    Kairosoft Co.,Ltd

    6192 Bewertungen

    Take charge of your own magazine! It's up to you to turn heads and help your community grow through the power of the press! It all starts with compelling coverage. Brainstorm story ideas and angles with your editorial team, then deploy staff to...

  • Ninja Village Ninja Village

    Ninja Village

    Kairosoft Co.,Ltd

    5446 Bewertungen

    Rewrite the history of feudal Japan with an army of the ultimate guerrilla warriors: ninjas! The shogun has fallen from power, plunging the land into chaos as feuding feudal lords scramble to take his place. But the shogun has an ace up his...

  • Disco Zoo Disco Zoo

    Disco Zoo

    NimbleBit LLC

    176638 Bewertungen

    From the creators of Tiny Tower comes Disco Zoo! Tiny Animals. Big Fun. Travel to regions around the world and collect everything from pigs to dinosaurs for your Disco Zoo. Discover hidden animals through casual puzzle play. Manage and expand your...

  • 創作パティシエ部 創作パティシエ部


    Kairosoft Co.,Ltd

    8022 Bewertungen

    憧れのケーキ屋さんを経営しよう! コンクールで優勝すれば、お店にお客さんが押し寄せるパティシエ育成ゲーム。 スポンジケーキ+イチゴ+生クリームで「ショートケーキ」が誕生したり、新しいレシピが発見されたりします。食材をトッピングして高ランクのお菓子を作りましょう。 お客さんは満足すると経営に役立つ食材やお金などプ...

  • CSI: Hidden Crimes CSI: Hidden Crimes

    CSI: Hidden Crimes

    Ubisoft Entertainment

    723357 Bewertungen

    Join more than 20 million investigators & solve gruesome crimes in Las Vegas • WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT THE GAME • CSI: Hidden Crimes features a fantastic interface & characters which you'll instantly recognize from the show -- Win...

  • AKB48グループ ついに公式音ゲーでました。(公式) AKB48グループ ついに公式音ゲーでました。(公式)

    AKB48グループ ついに公式音ゲーでました。(公式)

    S&P Co., Ltd.

    14027 Bewertungen

    ******** AKB48グループがついにAKB公式音ゲーに集結! ******** ◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇【あなただけのライブが開演!】◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆ 『AKB48』『SKE48』『NMB48』『HKT48』が4グループのメンバーが総勢220人以上出演! 全100曲以上で遊べる! ◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆ ***********...

  • Paperama


    FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG

    2371590 Bewertungen

    Enter a beautiful Origami world and bring it to life! **Introducing a new and unique puzzle adventure** - Fold the paper sheets to create origami figures - work as accurate as possible to fit the form - Don't use too many folds! -> Enjoy how a...

  • Puzzle & Dragons(龍族拼圖) Puzzle & Dragons(龍族拼圖)

    Puzzle & Dragons(龍族拼圖)


    86869 Bewertungen

    ◆◇Puzzle & Dragons(龍族拼圖)◆◇ ※本遊戲的語言設定僅對應日文。 【遊戲介紹】 用拼圖來進行壯大的冒險! 「Puzzle & Dragons」是一款玩家與寵物們一同奮戰、並且以拼圖的力量來進行冒險的遊戲。 玩家們將走遍世界各地的地城迷宮,尋覓傳說中的巨龍! 「Puzzle & Dragon...

  • ラーメン魂◆500万DL突破!世界最大級のラーメンゲーム


    Sammy Networks Co.,Ltd.

    8406 Bewertungen

    超人気レストランゲーム「ラーメン魂」が遂にAndroidで登場! 満員御礼! ラーメン屋経営ゲームの決定版! 具材、麺、スープを組み合わせて、自分だけの最強ラーメンを作ろう! 食材は1,000種以上! キミの地元のご当地食材もきっとあるぞ! はじめは小さな屋台から… ラーメン王公認の大店舗、ムフフ…な夜のお店に、幻想的な氷のお店まで、ラーメンを売って稼いで自慢の店を手に入れよう! アルバイトも個性的! 熱血野郎に清純女学生、ムフフ…な団地妻に高性能ロボまで!?...

  • Trainyard Trainyard


    Noodlecake Studios Inc

    2623 Bewertungen

    Trainyard is a puzzle solving game unlike any that you've ever played. It's easy to learn but very tough to master. Your job is simple: get each train to a goal station. Red trains go to red stations, blue trains go to blue stations, etc. You...

  • Valkyrie Crusade Valkyrie Crusade

    Valkyrie Crusade

    Mynet Inc.

    72353 Bewertungen

    "The maidens have come. To the world up in the heavens!" Valkyrie Crusade combines epic RPG-style card battles featuring beautiful maidens with a fantastic town building simulator. Enjoy both types of games at the same time! ■Beautiful Battle M...

  • Threes! Threes!


    Sirvo llc

    30943 Bewertungen

    Threes is tiny puzzle that grows on you. ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞ “It's surprisingly adorable, for a game starring numbers.” ~ Joystiq “It’s the kind of game that embosses the rules on your brain within 30 seconds, but then compels you to sp...

  • Another Case Solved

    Another Case Solved

    Noodlecake Studios Inc

    43359 Bewertungen

    Become a famous detective and get to the bottom of a curious candy conspiracy in Another Case Solved, the latest game from AT Games, the creators of Puzzle Craft. This city is clamping down on candy cravings by outlawing sweet snacks! Solve a...

  • The Room Two

    The Room Two

    Fireproof Games

    176493 Bewertungen

    NOTE: If playing on a Tab3, you'll need the Android 4.4 update installed to run the game. Welcome to The Room Two, a physical puzzler, wrapped in a mystery game, inside a beautifully tactile 3D world. The much anticipated sequel to ‘The Room’, rec...

  • The Room

    The Room

    Fireproof Games

    209405 Bewertungen

    Welcome to The Room, a physical puzzler, wrapped in a mystery game, inside a beautifully tactile 3D world. ***************** Praise for The Room: • Eurogamer “...resist hurrying and savour every sliding panel and twist of a dial. The Room is the...

  • Hot Springs Story Hot Springs Story

    Hot Springs Story

    Kairosoft Co.,Ltd

    3159 Bewertungen

    Build your own resort and propel it to success with but a touch of the finger in this one-of-a-kind simulation! Rooms, restaurants, arcades, and baths--position each facility to lull your guests into hot spring Nirvana and skyrocket your...

  • Knöpfe und Scheren Knöpfe und Scheren

    Knöpfe und Scheren


    257590 Bewertungen

    Cut off the sewing buttons in the logic game Buttons and Scissors! To cut off the buttons, select two or more buttons of the same color. You can select buttons only on the same horizontal, vertical or diagonal line. Cut off all the buttons from...

  • Let's Create! Pottery

    Let's Create! Pottery

    Infinite Dreams

    22678 Bewertungen

    "The next best thing"- Gamezebo "A brilliant time-waster" - Life of Android "Fun tool for those of you who are creative." - Appolicious "Definitely worth checking out" - DroidGamers With "Let's Create: Pottery" making ceramics has never been more...

  • Ticket to Ride

    Ticket to Ride

    Days of Wonder

    10857 Bewertungen

    The official adaptation of Days of Wonder's best-selling train board game, Ticket to Ride, now on mobile version! In addition to the exciting multiplayer mode, players will enjoy a new intuitive user interface, new social media capabilities to...

  • Pocket Trains

    Pocket Trains

    NimbleBit LLC

    68767 Bewertungen

    From the creators of Pocket Planes comes Pocket Trains! Manage and grow multiple railroads by hauling important cargo around the world. Collect parts to construct all the different train types from Steamers to Diesels, and complete daily events to...

  • Pocket League Story 2 Pocket League Story 2

    Pocket League Story 2

    Kairosoft Co.,Ltd

    47905 Bewertungen

    Jersey up and take to the field in this brand new sequel to hit soccer sim Pocket League Story! Scout out promising players and coaches, decide tactics and formations, and lead your dream team from local league to international soccer stardom! A...

  • NBA ドリームチーム NBA ドリームチーム

    NBA ドリームチーム


    2213 Bewertungen

    新規ユーザー応援キャンペーン中! 登録すると今ならレジェンド選手6人から好きな選手を1人必ず貰える。 さらに!3000円相当のアイテムもプレゼント! ★NBA公式バスケゲーム登場★ 現役スター選手・引退した伝説の選手 全30チームの500以上のNBA選手が登場! 【2014-15シーズン】の最新スタッツを反映! 自分だけの最強チームを育てNBAの頂点を目指せ! ■NBAスター選手が勢ぞろい! すべての選手が実写、実名で登場します。 全30チームのロスターから現役のスーパースター...

  • 百萬亞瑟王 百萬亞瑟王


    Mobimon Inc.

    33204 Bewertungen

    ★SQUARE ENIX最豪華的幻想《百萬亞瑟王》中文版台港澳同步上市★ 100萬人的亞瑟王,當100萬支的王者之劍被拔起時,成為真正的王之物語就此展開... 《百萬亞瑟王》是卡牌對戰線上RPG,在網路上世界各地的玩家將在遊戲內扮演成為亞瑟王! 一起打倒強敵或是互相對戰,玩家首要目標是跟其他亞瑟王競爭並奪取不列顛的霸權,另外也要和(外敵)進行戰鬥防衛自己的國家。 每位新誕生的亞瑟王必...

  • Lazors Lazors



    120945 Bewertungen

    Lazors is a puzzle game of lasers and mirrors offering more than a hundred levels, ranging from easy distractions to hard challenges. + 280 levels + Intuitive gameplay + Hint system Move blocks, reflect the laser, hit all targets!

  • WaterCapacity Brain Puzzle WaterCapacity Brain Puzzle

    WaterCapacity Brain Puzzle


    11814 Bewertungen

    WaterCapacity Brain Puzzle It's just the same game as played in (the movie) Die Hard 3. It’s a simple and addictive puzzle game that using each of water bottles with different sizes, pour water from one bottle to another and complete the m...

  • Game Dev Story Game Dev Story

    Game Dev Story

    Kairosoft Co.,Ltd

    58559 Bewertungen

    Manage your own game company and try to create a million-selling game in this unique simulation. Features the ability to develop your company's own game console, plus a system for changing your staff members' professions. Your staff members can...

  • Triple Town Triple Town

    Triple Town

    Spry Fox LLC

    115046 Bewertungen

    "I had to force myself to quit playing Triple Town in order to write this review, which might give you some idea of just how addicting it is." - 5 star review. * Editor's Choice on Google Play!!! :-) * Runner up, indie game of 2011 -...