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Black Belt Studio is Android soundboard studio, that is, a creative studio which develops music applications and software for Android. We are a group of developers and designers who come together to create and develop the best Android soundboard apps

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  • Soundeffekte - Klingeltöne Soundeffekte - Klingeltöne

    Soundeffekte - Klingeltöne


    5168 Bewertungen

    Load up your Android with sound effects ringtones! Spice up a boring moment with Sound Effects Soundboard app, so download free sounds now! If you want cool sounds that are used in film making, our science fiction sound effects are perfect for...

  • Waffen Sounds - Gunshots Waffen Sounds - Gunshots

    Waffen Sounds - Gunshots


    2972 Bewertungen

    Need some shooting sounds and gun ringtones for Android phone? Want to wake a hunter in you? Download our Weapon Sounds Gunshots App and amuse yourself now! We made it easy for you to browse and search the weapon effects in our app. You can set...

  • Seltsame Töne - Schräge Töne Seltsame Töne - Schräge Töne

    Seltsame Töne - Schräge Töne

    Black Belt Studio

    3373 Bewertungen

    Hunting for something out of the ordinary, want to have weird ringtones in your Android phone? If so, say yes to the Strange Sounds app and download free now! Get your phone stand-out with this strange sound effects app! We are bringing different...

  • Weihnachtslieder Weihnachtslieder



    13444 Bewertungen

    Fill your Android with Christmas songs and set them as Christmas ringtones. Christmas time is when all family members gather around the Christmas tree singing christmas songs.There is no celebration without Xmas songs new, and no Xmas without...

  • Beep Sounds Klingeltöne Beep Sounds Klingeltöne

    Beep Sounds Klingeltöne

    Black Belt Studio

    1073 Bewertungen

    Wouldn`t be cool to have a beep sound on your Android any time, any place? If it would, check our ringtones and sound effects. Apart from setting a beeping noise as a notification sound to identify a particular caller or callers, you can also set...

  • Liebe Klingeltöne Liebe Klingeltöne

    Liebe Klingeltöne


    6255 Bewertungen

    What does love sound like? If you are in love, get ready for new ringtones for Android in the form of love ringtones and love music! If you are not so good with words, romantic ringtones will speak where words fail. What your heart cannot, the...

  • Entspannende Töne Entspannende Töne

    Entspannende Töne


    8714 Bewertungen

    Do you want some relax melodies? Enrich your device with ringtones for Android phone! Download Relaxing Sounds app now! If you have any unwanted stress in your life, take a deep breath and relax, we have some self-help audios in the form of...

  • Old Phone Klingeltöne Old Phone Klingeltöne

    Old Phone Klingeltöne


    5468 Bewertungen

    How about adding free sounds fun to your Android with the cool ringtones from the past? Download this Old Phone Ringtones app. Even though we live in the 21st century, there is nothing wrong with having old telephone rings.When you mention old...

  • Natur- Entspannungsmusik Natur- Entspannungsmusik

    Natur- Entspannungsmusik


    1269 Bewertungen

    If you are suffering from insomnia and want to get a full night`s sleep we are bringing Nature Sounds To Sleep app to help you there. If you toss and turn all night, nature sounds are natural remedy that will help you reach the state of peaceful...

  • Katzen Miauen - Klingeltöne Katzen Miauen - Klingeltöne

    Katzen Miauen - Klingeltöne


    6235 Bewertungen

    All you cat lovers, hunting for cat sounds for your Android phone? Meowing Cat Sounds are finally here in the form of cool ringtones! If a cat is your favorite animal, our meow application is specially addressed to you. You don`t have to wait to...

  • Herzschlag Klingeltöne Herzschlag Klingeltöne

    Herzschlag Klingeltöne


    1761 Bewertungen

    Do you want heart sounds on your Android phone? If so, download for free our Heartbeat Sounds Ringtones app. All you need to do is take the phone out of your pocket and play these heartbeat ringtones. At the same time you can set our sounds of a...

  • Lustige Klingeltöne Kostenlos Lustige Klingeltöne Kostenlos

    Lustige Klingeltöne Kostenlos


    6582 Bewertungen

    Want something for your Android to make your day crazy? Consider downloading free Crazy Sounds & Ringtones app. With our crazy ringtone app fun is guaranteed, fart or burp sounds are sure to make you laugh. Use crazy soundboard and click anywhere...

  • Hunde Bellen Hunde Bellen

    Hunde Bellen


    5432 Bewertungen

    Chasing something cool and funny for your Android ringtones collection? Download this app free, cool Barking Dog Sounds! With different barking sounds you can have fun with other people, kids or other pets. Play sounds from the app to your dog and...

  • Baby Töne Free Baby Töne Free

    Baby Töne Free


    7257 Bewertungen

    If you are hunting for some cute ringtones for your Android phone or want to calm a crying baby, look no further, check Baby Sounds Free app. Your baby is crying or you want to lull your child to sleep? Try using baby ringtones and bring this cute...

  • Tiergeräusche - Klingeltöne Tiergeräusche - Klingeltöne

    Tiergeräusche - Klingeltöne


    4449 Bewertungen

    Searching for animal ringtones for your Android? Want cute ringtones kids app for your toddler with animal sounds? Download Animal Sounds Ringtones now! Android tones app is carefully designed to be educational, so use these to teach your children...

  • Romantische Musik Klingeltöne Romantische Musik Klingeltöne

    Romantische Musik Klingeltöne


    12341 Bewertungen

    Do you feel it`s time to bring some romance to your Android? If you do, romantic songs are a perfect choice, so download Romantic Ringtones app! Available Features: - Set as ringtone - Set as contact ringtone - Set as SMS / notification - Set as...

  • Beliebteste Klingeltöne Beliebteste Klingeltöne

    Beliebteste Klingeltöne


    45198 Bewertungen

    Get ready for the Best ringtones and make your Android stand out with the most popular ringtones 2015 and cool sounds that are free for download! Want to have popular ringtones songs that are free on your mobile? Turn to this music app for the top...