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  • Art Gallery Studio ErgsArt Art Gallery Studio ErgsArt

    Art Gallery Studio ErgsArt

    ErgSap Vision

    441 Bewertungen

    Art Gallery ErgsArt is a visual fine art museum for artists and art-lovers. Great collections of worldwide famous paintings from greatest artists like Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Renoir with an art exhibition from modern living artists ! Improve your...

  • Sapiens -Archaeology & History Sapiens -Archaeology & History

    Sapiens -Archaeology & History

    ErgSap Vision

    482 Bewertungen

    See fossils, species from hundred millions years old to modern species. All these data of Archaeology, paleontology, anthropology and History are gathered in one place, one application, at your fingertips ! See coexisting species and learn more...

  • CatApplus - Apps category

    CatApplus - Apps category

    ErgSap Vision

    101 Bewertungen

    Automatically categorize all your apps with CatApplus ! Nothing to do ! Just launch CatApplus and immediately browse your apps categorized into 30 available categories from Games, games subcategories, productivity, education, entertainment,...

  • AppsBeam - Apps at a glance ! AppsBeam - Apps at a glance !

    AppsBeam - Apps at a glance !

    ErgSap Vision

    46 Bewertungen

    See instantly all your apps, at a glance ! Main features: √ See all your apps, at a glance, in one screen √ Launch apps or selected apps at random √ batch hide/bookmark/share/uninstall apps √ shortcuts : launch random app from your homescreen √ rando...

  • Folder Organizer lite Folder Organizer lite

    Folder Organizer lite

    Fabio Collini

    9028 Bewertungen

    Group items according to labels and create fully customizable folders and widgets. You can organize apps, bookmarks, contacts and shortcuts + Change folder icon, icon pack support + Sort folder items any way you like + Make app shortcuts with...