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  • App Stats (beta) App Stats (beta)

    App Stats (beta)

    595 Bewertungen

    App Stats is a powerful mobile tool for developers providing instant access to user ratings, app updates, price changes, and rankings in the Play Store with polled updates up to every 30 minutes. You don't even have to check in to keep up. App...

  • Google Play-Dienste Google Play-Dienste

    Google Play-Dienste

    Google Inc.

    10367584 Bewertungen

    Google Play services is used to update Google apps and apps from Google Play. This component provides core functionality like authentication to your Google services, synchronized contacts, access to all the latest user privacy settings, and higher...

  • Dexplorer Dexplorer



    1052 Bewertungen

    Explore the Dex / Apk files of all your installed apps and downloaded apk's. A simple decompiler is included, but is not able to show method bodies. FEATURE SET ★ Fully optimized for Android 6.0 Marshmallow and Runtime Permissions ★ Browse thr...

  • Libraries for developers Libraries for developers

    Libraries for developers

    Desarrollo Droide

    5324 Bewertungen

    This application provides a collection of third party libraries, as a developer this application is essential for you. You will have information about the author, captures, license, description, links of the library and you can try a working...

  • AppXplore AppXplore


    Sony Mobile Developer World

    783 Bewertungen

    Curious to know what permissions your apps are using, what Android™ version they are supporting, what libraries they depend on and more? Well a simple answer to all of this is the Sony Mobile AppXplore analysis tool. And it works on all phones r...

  • Wakelock Detektor [Root] Wakelock Detektor [Root]

    Wakelock Detektor [Root]


    28696 Bewertungen

    Notice for Android KitKat : Need root access due to permission changes! If not rooted, this alternative solution might help: More details on our blog:...

  • OpenGL-ES Info OpenGL-ES Info

    OpenGL-ES Info

    Serge van der Ree

    233 Bewertungen

    OpenGL-ES Info lets you view relevant information about your device's OpenGL-ES implementation. The data includes: - all available display configurations - available EGL extensions - vendor, version & renderer strings - all supported extensions,...

  • CatLog - Logcat Reader! CatLog - Logcat Reader!

    CatLog - Logcat Reader!

    Nolan Lawson

    4867 Bewertungen

    JELLY BEAN USERS: CatLog now requires ROOT access to read logs. More info: Debug your apps. Find error stacktraces. See what your phone is saying about you behind your back. It's all there in the system log, aka logcat!...

  • Settings Debugger LITE Settings Debugger LITE

    Settings Debugger LITE

    Lucas Grünberger

    168 Bewertungen

    ************************** * ROOT required * * busybox required * ************************** Debug your SQLite Databases. Debug your Shared Preferences. Try to hack your own app via changing settings. Features: Browse all your installed apps, see...

  • Addons Detector Addons Detector

    Addons Detector


    6983 Bewertungen

    Addons Detector detects addons used by your installed applications. It has all the tools to find push notification ads and icon ads. If you are looking for the app that uses AirPush or other push notifications, you can easily find the app and...

  • DevDrawer DevDrawer



    366 Bewertungen

    DevDrawer is a widget based app for developers who are constantly installing / uninstalling / clearing data on their projects. I find myself searching through the appdrawer everytime I re-install an application. With this widget you provide a...

  • Crouton Demo Application Crouton Demo Application

    Crouton Demo Application

    Benjamin Weiss

    253 Bewertungen

    Context sensitive notifications for Android. Unlike Toast they know where they belong. This is the demo application of the Crouton library that is freely available at If you're having issues with the...

  • AIDE- IDE for Android Java C++ AIDE- IDE for Android Java C++

    AIDE- IDE for Android Java C++


    41886 Bewertungen

    AIDE is an integrated development environment (IDE) for developing real Android apps directly on your Android device. Follow interactive coding lessons and step-by-step become an expert app developer. Visually design apps, write code with the...

  • ScreenInfo ScreenInfo


    Jotabout Labs

    379 Bewertungen

    A utility for Android developers. Shows the screen configuration for an Android device, including the screen size (small, normal, large, xlarge) and the density classification (ldpi, mdpi, tvdpi, hdpi, xhdpi, xxhdpi, xxxhdpi). Also shows other...

  • Screen Size and Density Screen Size and Density

    Screen Size and Density

    Vilius Kraujutis

    704 Bewertungen

    Shows your device screen density and size in pixels. ScreenSize application allows you to see screen size, resolution, density, current font scale and other device information. Also you will see heights of status bar, action bar or navigation bar...

  • SlidingMenu Demos SlidingMenu Demos

    SlidingMenu Demos

    Jeremy Feinstein

    1081 Bewertungen

    SlidingMenu is an Open Source Android library that allows developers to easily create applications with sliding menus like those made popular in the Google+, YouTube, and Facebook apps. This demo app lets you explore the various properties you can...

  • R.Explorer R.Explorer


    39 Bewertungen

    Handy tool that lists and visualizes native android resources i.e. android.R.Drawable and android.R.String. Visualizing values and members name makes it easier to pick the right resource when developing an app.

  • Solid Explorer Classic Solid Explorer Classic

    Solid Explorer Classic


    49400 Bewertungen

    This is the old version of Solid Explorer. For better user experience and bigger set of features, head to the new version page: Follow me! Google+:...

  • SQLite Editor SQLite Editor

    SQLite Editor

    Speed Software

    1609 Bewertungen

    Allows you to edit and delete records in any SQLite database on your phone. For root users, lists all installed apps which have local internal databases. You can then select an app and edit any of its databases. Fully integrated with Root...

  • Andlytics Andlytics


    Andlytics Project

    2177 Bewertungen

    Join the G+ community and register as a tester to get latest alpha/beta versions: Andlytics collects statistics from the...