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  • APK Manager APK Manager

    APK Manager

    Dalvik Apps Inc

    712 Bewertungen

    The Amazing Application for Installing APK Files from SD Card to Device. Share Your Applications to Your Friends via E-Mail whether It is Paid or Free.It doesn't matter. And Also Comes with Easy Uninstaller. This App is completely Free. 24/7...

  • ApkInstaller ApkInstaller


    Hami apps

    122 Bewertungen

    It's easy to install apk from SD card.The ApkInstaller is a good tool. keywords:apk,Apk Installer,app installer,Apk manager

  • ASTRO File Manager with Clouds ASTRO File Manager with Clouds

    ASTRO File Manager with Clouds


    583673 Bewertungen

    What do the Reviews say? "Its interface is clear and intuitive, and navigating between internal memory, external memory, and other content such as podcasts, ringtones, and downloads is fast and easy." -Dan Price (MakeUseOf) One of the "10 Best...