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  • Playboard Android Spiele&Apps Playboard Android Spiele&Apps

    Playboard Android Spiele&Apps

    42matters AG

    8741 Bewertungen

    Playboard is a free app that helps you find what to download. Did you know there are thousands of awesome apps and addictive games you're missing out on, right now? Yes, really. That's because the app store only shows what everyone already know...

  • Bloglovin' Bloglovin'



    8419 Bewertungen

    Over 20 million people use Bloglovin’ to discover and read blogs in fashion, food, DIY, travel and more! Never miss a post from your favorite bloggers again, whether you're at home or on the go. Bloglovin’ is a simple way to read blogs and share pos...

  • 10stamps 10stamps


    Contigua GmbH

    456 Bewertungen

    10stamps is the most popular stamp card app in German-speaking Europe! More than 200,000 users and thousands of partners are part of 10stamps. Finally, the search for a stamp card in your overstuffed wallet is over. Simply collect stamps and...

  • Lua HIPAA Compliant Messaging Lua  HIPAA Compliant Messaging

    Lua HIPAA Compliant Messaging

    Lua Technologies, Inc.

    82 Bewertungen

    Lua is the mobile-first enterprise messaging solution designed to harness the power of texting for work. Empower employees with secure, quick communication anywhere and from any device, without compromising on enterprise considerations. Features • R...

  • Geschwindigkeits-Test 3G & 4G Geschwindigkeits-Test 3G & 4G

    Geschwindigkeits-Test 3G & 4G

    330772 Bewertungen

    With OpenSignal you can see cell towers around you on a map, and the signal compass points you in the direction you need to walk in to improve your connection immediately. ✓ Signal compass points you in the direction your signal is coming from ✓ Map...

  • SumUp - Kartenzahlungen SumUp - Kartenzahlungen

    SumUp - Kartenzahlungen


    6294 Bewertungen

    SUMUP EMV TERMINAL • EMV certified – take advantage of the EMV liability shift now • Accept chip cards, magstripe cards and contactless NFC payments (Android Pay and Samsung Pay) • Pre-order now for only $69 EASY 1. Enter amount in the SumUp App 2.....

  • Impok Impok



    65 Bewertungen

    Impok is the best application to track the financial markets and your investments’ portfolio. It allows you to share your portfolio, strategies, tips and trades with other investors in a transparent way and learn from the best. Track the return and r...

  • Foodzy Foodzy



    162 Bewertungen

    Foodzy is your personal food & health journal. This app is the easiest and most fun way to keep track of everything you eat and drink. With one simple swipe you are able to add products or entire meals to your daily menu. It's perfect if you want...

  • EyeEm - Foto Filter Kamera EyeEm - Foto Filter Kamera

    EyeEm - Foto Filter Kamera

    EyeEm Mobile

    205091 Bewertungen

    The leading app to get rewarded for your photos. Sell your best photos, gain exposure and take your photography to the next level. Join 18 million photographers around the globe and boost your photography journey! SELL YOUR BEST PICTURES • License y...

  • Wrapp Wrapp



    14139 Bewertungen

    Wrapp is a payback-app you connect to your bankcard to get offers & rewards from shops & brands you like! Wrapp can be connected to all Nordea debit cards and credit cards. All your personal offers & rewards are automatically connected to your...



    51 Bewertungen

    Find the best restaurants, bars, salons, nightclubs and more in your city and around the World. Good experience? Bad Experience? Check-in, rate the business or share it with your friends to let them know what's up! Local search and local business...

  • Rublon Rublon



    101 Bewertungen

    Your Internet Security Layer that protects you against intruders who found out your passwords. Manage your trusted devices through which you can access your protected accounts. Why Rublon? * Access your protected accounts from your trusted...

  • Bizzabo - Event Networking Bizzabo - Event Networking

    Bizzabo - Event Networking

    Bizzabo Ltd.

    387 Bewertungen

    Bizzabo – Event Networking Made Easy! Used by more than 5,000 conferences worldwide! "I loved using Bizzabo this year. It was so great to be able to quickly send a welcome message to attendees and well as search for people I wanted to c...

  • tawkon | Handystrahlung messen tawkon | Handystrahlung messen

    tawkon | Handystrahlung messen


    7074 Bewertungen

    Empowering you to live a lifestyle focused on health & fitness, tawkon is a free health tracker app that alerts you when phone radiation spikes, and offers practical advice to help you avoid it. Download tawkon, so you can talk on. "I LOVE how...