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  • Dice 3D Dice 3D

    Dice 3D

    Teazel Ltd

    4856 Bewertungen

    Dice shaker with true 3D animation and tilt/gravity. Standard features: - up to 10 dice - shake / tap to roll dice - true 3D animation - tilt/gravity - transparent dice - adjustable shake, volume, & vibrate - total score - Android Lollipop...

  • Fantasy MathHammer Fantasy MathHammer

    Fantasy MathHammer


    166 Bewertungen

    A warhammer mathhammer app, which works out the odds of which unit will win when fighting. NOTE: The armies in this app are 7th ed. -- Issues? -- Get in touch with me on twitter: I'm very happy to help, and...

  • Dice-o-rolla Dice-o-rolla



    22 Bewertungen

    Do you like to play DnD, Warhammer or something else? This tool is for you! It will help you to roll dices, as much, as you want. It support d4, d6, d8, d10, d12 and d20 dices and YOU can set their number and see log!

  • Ancient Scroll Ancient Scroll

    Ancient Scroll

    Havoq Prod.

    9 Bewertungen

    Living base of RPG adventure ideas. Almost every day new scenario, NPC, item or place is added to this free base created by RPG fans for RPG fans. In Polish, but English-language adventures bas is growing every week. For pure English version check...

  • Diceroller Diceroller



    12 Bewertungen

    Minimalist app to roll dice for roleplaying games. It gives a result in only two taps, in the way dice rolls are written: 3d6 is a tap on '3' followed by a tap on 'd6'. Multiple rolls of 3d6 can be done by repeated taps on 'd6'. Ideal for rolling...

  • d20 Character Sheet d20 Character Sheet

    d20 Character Sheet

    Torsten Wiederkehr

    382 Bewertungen

    d20 Character Sheet consists of two main parts. The Character Sheet to keep track of your character, which you use while playing RPG. The Administration to customize the game setting to your demands. Supported game systems are DnD v.3.5. and...

  • Pathfinder RPG Resource Pathfinder RPG Resource

    Pathfinder RPG Resource

    Clifford Ponce

    448 Bewertungen

    Gain fast access to all Spells, Feats, Monsters, and Magic Items for use in the Pathfinder Role Playing Game. Multi-tab browsing allows the user to quickly switch between categories. A convenient search tool allows the user to find any choice by...

  • Pathfinder NPC Gallery Pathfinder NPC Gallery

    Pathfinder NPC Gallery

    Shaking Earth Digital, LLC

    387 Bewertungen

    The Pathfinder NPC Gallery is a simple and well laid out application. this is a very useful app for people who either don’t prepare much beforehand or for people who want a utility for preparing NPCs at their fingertips.

  • Pathfinder Open Reference

    Pathfinder Open Reference

    Masterwork Tools

    7214 Bewertungen

    This reference gives you rapid access to every feat, spell, class, skill, monster and rule in the full Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Reference Document. With intuitive indexing and powerful search capability, the reference gets you the information...

  • Pathfinder Spellbook Pathfinder Spellbook

    Pathfinder Spellbook

    Chicanery Games

    1052 Bewertungen

    Version History: v1.2 - Fixed a couple of crashing issues, sorry for the inconvenience! - Fixed crashing issue when certain spell levels were expanded - Fixed crashing issue when favorites were marked (resulted from same issue as above) v1.1 -...

  • Spellbook - Pathfinder Spellbook - Pathfinder

    Spellbook - Pathfinder

    Shaking Earth Digital, LLC

    266 Bewertungen

    Spellbook serves as a quick way to look up spell descriptions during a gaming session. It includes all spells from the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game core classes as well as classes from the Advanced Player's Guide, Ultimate Magic and Ultimate Combat...