Freitag, November 22, 2013 08:34:43

3 (And a Half) Fun Channels For Music Lovers

Music! Such a vital part of our everyday lives, whether used as inspiration for jogging, to make a workday go by a bit faster, when spending time with a loved one, or even when cooking -- music can add a special spark to just about anything we do. Android offers numerous ways to enjoy music, some US-only, some international. Below you can find three (and a half) channels bursting with apps for music lovers to explore. Let's dive in!


For Music & Audio Lovers

Curated by community favorite Rita El Khoury, this channel is unique in two respects: One, it doesn't feature even one review by Rita -- instead, she lets the app speak for themselves. While I don't usually feature channels that don't have reviews, this channel has several things going for it.

Most importantly, it's by Rita, and she's a seasoned Android pro who knows what she's talking about. The next thing you'll note is the staggering variety here -- the channel features no less than 145 apps! No matter what your musical itch is, you'll probably find a way to scratch it here.

Music & Media

Next we have another channel by one of our favorite editors, none other than editor FHL09. Troy, AKA FHL09, personally reviews each and every one of the 16 apps in the channel - some of which can be quite surprising, like soundboard app Instant Buttons, about which Troy has this to say:

There are tons of soundboards out there & yet I still can't help but come back to this, this has all the best sounds, is simple to use & provides great laughs!

It Puts the Mabamba in Ma Music!

Looking at Kristen Ann's energetic, fun reviews, her love of music clearly shines through. Many of the reviews are on the short side, but some highlight surprising uses for apps. Here's what Kristen Ann says about YouTube, for example:

Anything I can't remember the full title, this helps me find it.

Never thought of using YouTube like this myself, but I can see how it can come in handy for tracking down music by lyrics.

And finally, Apps for music lovers

So this is the half-channel I promised you guys. Naturally, it actually is a channel, but it's super-short (just 7 apps), and not all of apps are reviewed. So why does it get a spot on the roundup? Pure and simple, inspiration. This is the channel that sparked the idea for this round-up, and editor Srđan Lazić has a talent for tracking down some surprising and uncommon apps. Check out his review for Tuneblast:

You probably don't use VKontakte (it's a Russian social network) but what's special about it is that you can upload your songs on it. This app allows you to search for all songs on VKontakte,and you can download them to. Not holo,but it's really nice looking.

Did you know VK lets you do that?

Your Channel?

There is clearly more space on Playboard for some great music-related channels to blow us away. Go ahead, create one today, and share your knowledge with the world!