Sonntag, Juli 21, 2013 09:31:00

3 Small Channels Worth Following


I look at each and every new Playboard channel our community creates, and it's interesting. Some channels are packed full of apps: You can scroll and scroll and it'll take a while before you get to the end. That's great if you carefully pick the app and take time to review them, as many editors do.

I always enjoy seeing the other kind of channels, too: These are channels built in from the start to stay small. They're by editors who just don't want to put 90 apps into their channels. And it's to these editors and channels I'd like to dedicate today's roundup: Three great channels, none with over 15 apps.

Top Email Client by Banton

With just five apps, Banton's Top Email Client channel is the smallest on our list. And yet, it has accumulated no less than 945 followers. What's the secret?

The channel is focused around something many users need (a high-quality email app), and Banton's reviews are both informative and make it easy to find the best. The reviews actually rank the apps, with Zeus Mail coming in at #5, and Aqua Mail leading the pack at #1.

Horizontal Shooter by Marcel Lgt

Here's yet another super-specific channel. Not just games, but shooter games; and not just shooter games, but horizontal-scrolling shooters. That's all you'll find on Horizontal Shooter, and it's a great example of just how fine-grained you can get with Playboard. Apparently I'm not the only one who likes this sort of laser-like focus, as Marcel Lgt's channel already amassed 190 followers. The channel has just ten of these games, but the reviews and the focus make it shine.

Top 15 Apps by Alex Abdo

The largest channel in this roundup, Alex Abdo's channel does not really revolve around a specific category, but more around the concept of quality. In the channel's description, Alex says:

My top fifteen apps I simply can't live without (since 10 was too hard to do).

With slick picks like Financius and classics like Swype, you can't really go wrong with any of the apps in Alex's channel. Alex took the time to review each app, so you get a nice, objective explanation about what it does.

Your Own Super-Specific Channel?

When you look at these channels, it's easy to see how "small" channels can shine. Do you want to make one on your own? Or maybe you already have one, and you want to be featured in a future roundup? Just write me about your channel explaining what's great about it, and you might find your name on Playboard's front page!