Mittwoch, Juli 3, 2013 09:40:32

Review: Voxel Rush Is a Hectic, Fast, Vector Experience


I found Voxel Rush in Ustav Gupta's Holo UI channel. Let's get one thing out of the way: This is not Holo in any way. That doesn't mean it isn't awesome, though. Here's what Ustav had to say about Voxel Rush:

Voxel Rush is accelerometer-controlled extremely fast and endless 3D racing game. Difficulty of game scales with your skill. Warning, game is very addicting. Designed in minimalistic and modern style.

Game Mechanic


A near miss! You will have many of these during th egame.

Voxel Rush has a very simple premise: You find yourself at the helm of a super-fast vehicle (maybe it's a motorcycle, or a car, or a hovercraft... that's for you to imagine), accelarating like mad at the general direction of a dense city-scape, full of enormous skyscrapers. At least, I think that's what they are -- in reality, they're just really tall rectangles. If you run into one of them, you die.

The whole thing is accelerometer-contorlled, just like Ustav says. Tilt your device down to go fast, tilt it up to go (slightly) slower, and tilt to the sides to steer. And do try to stay alive for more than just a few seconds... It's going to get tough. Fortunately, there are power-ups you can pick up along the way.

Visuals and Sound


You can imagine those are buildings in the distance; just don't run into them.

Interestingly, the lack of visual detail makes Voxel Rush feel faster, somehow. The game is incredibly fluid and responsive, and it is easy to swoop by buildings causing "near misses" (which are a good thing, of course). There isn't much in the way of textures or effects to distract you from the game's main claim to fame -- sheer, raw, speed. It helps that you can see the buildings come at you from quite a distance.

In terms of sound, the audio backdrop is a fairly monotonous piece of electronic music. Not what I would call a masterpiece, but it meshes well with the overall aesthetic and sense of... you guessed it, speed.

Overall Experience

Voxel Rush is, for lack of a better word, a rush. It's a really nice game to play with a pair of headphones, and it's easy to sink into it, trying to best your score again and again. An enjoyable experience.