Freitag, August 9, 2013 09:32:00

Review: Trid Is a Frantic Game of Matching Shapes and Electronic Beats


Trid is not a complicated game: It's all about matching patterns. The catch, though, is that you have to be fast. As App Junkie says in his Addictive Arcade Action channel:

Quickly recreate the patterns presented, but watch out for a wicked twist. Tap as fast as you can to run up your score. Well designed and easy to control.

Concept and Gameplay


Racing to recreate a pattern with just one second left.

Trid presents you with a 3x3 grid, aligned diagonally. Tap a grid tile, and it flips on and becomes white. On the top-right corner, you'll find a pattern that you have to recreate. Couldn't be simpler: Just tap the corresponding tiles on the grid, recreate the pattern, and you're done. A new pattern appears, to be recreated just as easily.

Well, it starts out easy enough, at least: Then the pressure mounts up. The clock is ticking, and once you've matched a few patterns, your reference pattern (the one you have to match) starts rotating. Meaning, the top of the reference pattern and the top of your grid no longer match -- you need to mentally rotate the pattern and figure out which tiles go where. Combined with the ticking clock, this makes for a pretty rushed gameplay experience.

Fortunately, Trid includes several game modes, including a merciful Training mode which does away with the timer altogether. Unsurprisingly, this is my favorite mode, as it makes the gameplay experience much more mellow.

Graphics and Sound


The pattern is actually upside-down now.

Trid presents a unique interface: It is very much its own thing. The oblique aesthetic carries throughout the game, with the "game over" and "level up" messages appearing as diagonal bars that mesh well with the layout. The golden accent color complements the dark teal background well, creating an intense contrast that almost feels fruity, and is easy to see in any light.

The sound is a looping piece of electronic music that's actually not too bad. The effects are short and crisp, adding to the experience. All in all, Trid is one of the better-sounding games I've tried recently.

Frantic Fun

Trid is one of those games you just have to try for yourself. The sense of rushing through matches, fighting against the timer's inexorable ticking, is not something you'll get from reading a review. It's attractive price tag (free) is one more reason to just grab it and give it a try for yourself. Enjoy!