Mittwoch, November 13, 2013 04:35:26

Review: Ruzzle Is a Fast, Engaging Multiplayer Word Game

Like Scrabble and Words With Friends? Well, chances are you're going to love Ruzzle. It's a fast and fun word game you can play with your Twitter followers, Facebook friends, or just random people. And it has some pretty good defenses against cheating, too.

This is what Darren Perkins has to say about Ruzzle's free version in Darrens favorite apps:

This is an online boggle type game you play against others online. I've tried them all. This is far and away the best.


So How Does It Work?


Tan is a short word, but it's real.

The concept is simple: You get a 4x4 grid of letters, and you have to make up as many words as you can within two minutes. You're facing off against a real person, and each game has three rounds.

At the end of the round, you are shown a list of all the words you found, as well as all of the words the other person found, and how much each was worth. This is a really important feature to prevent cheating, because words are ordered by their worth in points. You can very clearly see if your rival finds only improbable 7-letter words you've never heard of in your life, or if they're playing fair.

While the game can take advantage of your existing social networks (Facebook and Twitter), you don't have to connect it to enjoy: I was able to find plenty of anonymous players to compete against, with just my Ruzzle account.


See all the words you found, versus all of the other person's.

The sound effects are fun, and reflect the worth of each word. Some tiles are worth more than others (just like in Scrabble), so if you make a word that uses special tiles, you get extra-special sound effects celebrating your brilliant vocabulary (or cheating abilities).

The two-minute limitation means Ruzzle is a fast-paced game. You can just pick it up and have a go. It is also asynchronous: When playing against someone, you play one round, and then wait for them to play the same round (because you're both playing with the same board). If they're not playing right now, this may mean you will wait for quite a while... Which is why it's good you can have several games in progress at once.

One of the game's few drawbacks is that it looks nothing like an Android app at all. The interface seems to have been ported directly off the iOS version. This doesn't mean it's bad, but it really doesn't follow any sort of Android design guidelines at all.

Other than the foreign UI, Ruzzle is a polished game, and I found myself "testing" it for longer than I had originally intended. If you like words, this is a game you just have to try. You can go for the free version first, but I bet you'll buy the paid one like I did. Have fun!