Dienstag, August 13, 2013 21:20:50

Review: Jelly Band Is an Effortless Way To Make Some Noise


I found Jelly Band on Dinesh Verma's channel, The best recommendations . Dinesh says:

Great time killer and stress buster. A masterpiece by Infinite Dreams.

Other than Dinesh's concise review, what pulled me in were the familiar-looking characters: I looked at those cartoon creatures and was sure I've seen them somewhere before. Then I realized, hey, those are the monsters from Jelly Defense! That sealed the deal - I knew I just had to try it.

Concept and Gameplay


Everybody's off-stage, getting ready to play.

Okay, don't expect 3D chess here. There's no strategy; there are no points, no power-ups, no lives, no levels, no... well, I could go on, but basically, you just have a bunch of monsters with some instruments. And a stage! Don't forget the stage.

All you do is drag a monster and drop it anywhere on the stage, where it'll start playing its simple loop. The closer you drop it to the front of the stage, the louder it'll play. Then, drop another monster next to it (or in front of it, or behind it), and that other monster will join in with its own little loop. Pretty soon, you'll have an entire song going on.

This isn't exactly Garage Band, but it did keep me entertained for a few minutes (then again, I am easily entertained). Still, I could really see this working for a small kid -- dragging the monsters around can be lots of fun, phasing out parts of the mix, bringing in new instruments, and watching the song take shape.

Graphics and Sound


Party's on!

The music is seriously upbeat -- which is actually nice, this being a game and all, as it makes it even better for kids. Each individual sound loop is very short, but they do create a more complex whole together, which doesn't sound terribly repetitive. I wouldn't call it an emotional soundscape or anything like that, mind you, but it's definitely fun. Also, I just wanted to say "emotional soundscape."

The graphics are beautiful: These monsters are really cute, and if, like me, you've spent hours playing Jelly Defense, you'll be tickled to see those familiar guys doing something completely different than their usual "walk across the map, get killed" routine.

A Fun, Kid-Friendly Diversion

If you're a bookish intellectual, you may not be the target audience here. But if you've got kids, or just enjoy making the occasional ruckus with your phone or tablet, try out Jelly Band today.