Freitag, August 23, 2013 09:35:00

Review: Dropchord Is a Game You Can't Take Your Fingers Off... Literally

Do you enjoy electronic music? Do you like crazy, flashing, neon graphics that threaten your sanity as you try to frantically maneuver through screen after screen? Well then, you're going to love Dropchord. As Cory Roberts described the game in Fun and beautiful games 5k+ and less installs:

Double Fine's first Android game! Features an original electronic soundtrack and colorful visuals. The visuals definitely help you feel the music and the game is best experienced with headphones.

Concept and Gameplay

Dropchord is surprisingly difficult to explain, so here's a video:

The game revolves around a circular stage. Place two of your fingers on the screen, surrounding the center area. A line will appear across the circle, connecting your two fingers. Move your fingers, and the line moves accordingly. Now you have to move the line to intercept dots on the playing field, while avoiding enemies. All the while, electronic music is blaring out of your device's tinny speaker (or, preferably, your headphones). Action is somewhat synchronized with the music, and the whole thing ends up feeling a bit like dancing with your phone.

Graphics and Sound


In this stage, there's no main circle: Just tap targets as they appear.

The whole thing glows - neon all the way. Because Dropchord is available for so many platforms (including the Leap Motion, even), developer Double Fine decided to go with their own aesthetic. There's nothing vaguely Android about Dropchord, but the aesthetic is consistent, if a bit jarring at times. You'll need sharp reflexes, and it isn't always so easy to figure out what the heck's going on on your screen.

The music is an integral part of the game, and sets the mood well. Electronic music is an acquired taste, but it does sound quite good.

Not Cheap, As Android Games Go

Dropchord currently sells for $3, which is a pretty penny for an Android game. If you already know you like the music, and you enjoy arcade games, this is a very well-made one.