Mittwoch, August 21, 2013 09:35:00

Review: Dots, an iOS Classic, Now Available For Android

For me, it is impossible to write about Dots without thinking about another game I've recently reviewed, Bopbop. In fact, the games look nearly identical, though they do differ in some gameplay aspects. Dots started out on iOS, and just recently made its Android debut after establishing a name for itself. The Android version definitely feels polished and impressive - here's what V had to say about it in her Form+Function channel:

This game is absolutely gorgeous, and incredibly addictive. I'm really prone to hyperbole, but seriously, just get Dots. You'll go dotty over it! I would know, I just played it for two hours straight.

Concept and Gameplay


An game that feels somehow... familiar.

Connect the dots. There, I described it. A game you can summarize in three words can either be truly brilliant, or the dullest thing ever. Dots seems to be in the former camp: The simplicity works because it's just so finely executed. Of course, you can only connect dots in the same colors, but you have several color schemes to choose from. The dots you connect have meaning - they add up over time, and you can then use them to buy power-ups.

The game lets you by three power-ups: More Moves, which adds five more moves to your game; Shrinkers, which shrinks a dot off the board; and Expanders, which removes all dots of one color. Power-ups run out, so you'll need to use them sparingly.


Make a square to make all black dots disappear.

There are two primary game modes, with more possibly coming later. For now, there's a timed mode where you get 60 seconds to connect as many dots as you can, and a 30-move mode where you can sit back, relax, and carefully ponder your next move. Of course, the more dots you have in a given chain, the higher your score is going to be. Also, creating a square of dots is going to eliminate all dots of that color from the board. And finally, unlike Bopbop, you can't connect dots diagonally - only vertically and horizontally.

There's also a single-device multiplayer mode, where you play a game, then hand over the device to a friend and see if they can defeat your score.

Graphics and Sound


I know you want to swipe the screen... You can't, though.

Dots presents and interface that feels crisp and snappy, thanks to bouncy animations. Sadly, it also shows a complete disregard to Android interface conventions. I tried swiping through screens multiple times before realizing swipes are just a no-no -- you have to tap things, even though they look just like interface elements you'd usually try to swipe on Android.

The sound effects are just as crisp as the graphics, and contribute to an energetic, lively, and focused gameplay experience.

The Sincerest Form of Flattery?

Without coming off as too judgmental, I must say that someone's obviously imitating someone here. For us as mobile gamers, however, the result is just a better experience: Both Dots and Bopbop are excellent games, and they do have subtle differences. You'll have to try both to figure out which one you like better.