Donnerstag, Juli 11, 2013 09:34:29

Review: Color Sheep Is a Fast And Beautiful Color-Matching Arcade Game



Score! One red wolf gets what he deserves.

So, you're a sheep. A tasty, tasty sheep, and a bunch of hungry wolves are out to get you. What's a sheep to do? Most sheep would just do a quick about-face and run away, bleating for their lives. Not this one, though: The hero of Color Sheep is one sheep who won't be oppressed. This is a sheep who's going to stand up to those wolves, and show them who's boss. The result is hectic, colorful to the point of psychedelia, and lots of fun.

I first found Color Sheep in App Junkie's Addictive Arcade Action, where he had this to say:

Great concept that is well executed, both visually and mechanically. Selecting the right color combination while under extreme pressure not to be devoured by hungry wolves is much harder, and more fun, than it would seem.

Community favorite Droid Flash appears to agree, since he included Color Sheep in his 5 Star Games channel. And after playing some Color Sheep, I can understand what these two curators are excited about.

Concept and Gameplay

The idea behind Color Sheep is simple: To destroy the wolves trying to eat you, you must blast them with their own color. So, a bright red wolf gets a bright red blast, and dies. That sounds nice and simple -- but it gets challenging very quickly.


Be warned: Color Sheep is hard. Thankfully, Junior Level lets you dial down the difficulty.

The controls are simple at first glance: Your left thumb gets three buttons - Red, Green, and Blue. Your right thumb gets Bright and Dark buttons. So when you have a dark blue wolf coming at you, just tap Dark, followed by Blue to change the sheep's color to dark blue, and finally, tap the sheep to launch a blast of color at the wolf. If you got it right, the wolf dies. If you got it wrong, it just keeps coming at you.

With one wolf involved, it's easy as pie. But pretty soon you get more than one wolf coming at you at the same time, and they're not all the color. Okay, that complicates things a little bit, but that's still manageable. But then the first yellow wolf shows up... Uh oh!


How to mix yellow.

Wait, yellow? There are only Red, Green, and Blue buttons. So how are you supposed to make your sheep yellow? Mix colors, that's how! To make yellow, pick Bright, and swipe over both Red and Green. You get yellow, and the wolf gets what he deserves. It doesn't end with yellow, though... You will soon have to make cyan, magenta, and a host of other colors, all using combinations of RGB and Bright/Dark. And the wolves won't be waiting for you to figure out what to do -- you'll just have to be fast enough! Add in the game's great power-up system, and you get a lot of variety and complexity.

Graphics and Sound


Whoa, that's a lot of color.

There's something Japanese about Color Sheep's flat, cartoonish drawing style, but it's very much its own thing, too. Obviously, there's a lot of color on the screen - that's the core of the game. But power-ups add even more color, as your sheep spews psychedelic rainbows that obliterate all incoming wolves.

The music is interesting: It's a classical piece with horns and violins. That sounds weird, but it really works. It's a rapid, whimsical piece, and when combined with the laser sound effects that sound off whenever you shoot at a wolf, the result is unique and surreal. It works.

Final Thoughts

Color Sheep is a hard game, and it's done right. It shines in the details: An original concept, solid graphics, and adjustable difficulty means you'll be coming back to it time and time again. Try it out.