Mittwoch, Oktober 2, 2013 09:38:00

Review: Blindscape Is the Most Unique Android Game You'll Play This Month

A game with no graphics. I don't mean "basic graphic" - I mean a blank, black screen. No buttons, no art, nothing. Just blackness.

If you think that's a bit like being blind, well, that's the point. Blindscape is a game about trying to make it out of a city without being able to see anything. As App Junkie says in Slick Puzzle Games:

A whole new take on puzzles. This game is entirely auditory. As you listen to the story, you must feel your way through a series of doors and other 'obstacles' while staring at a completely black screen. Although short, the experience is lots of fun.

The Experience


Yes, Blindscape has absolutely no visuals. It's a completely auditory experience.

I wouldn't exactly call it a game -- it's more of an auditory experience. I put on my earbuds, laid back comfortably, and got into the story. The plot is everything here. It's not a terribly original story (you've heard this one before -- that's all I'm going to say), but it's presented with a lot of emotion.

Not being able to see any sort of interface is a great way to make the user feel blind. It comes off as extreme blindness, because you can't even feel anything -- just the flat glass screen of your phone, while you try to navigate using the sounds in your earbuds.

The game took me about twenty minutes to run through, and it lacks any sort of saving mechanism. If you quit midway through, you're going to have to start over. The narration is the heart of the game, and it's emotional and heartfelt.

Blindscape needs you to be in a certain mood to really enjoy it -- but if you're feeling mellow and ready to experience something quite different from you ordinary Android game, you should free up twenty minutes and try it out.